Lossless jpegtran applications

Here is a list of applications which provide JPEG lossless transformation features based on the IJG code:

  1. Jpegcrop [Guido Vollbeding] (Windows) - Sample application, supports JPEG 9
  2. cPicture [Jürgen Eidt] (Windows 10+) - Windows Photo Explorer, supports JPEG 9
  3. Directory Opus [GP Software] (Windows) - Advanced Windows File Manager, supports JPEG 9
  4. PhotoLine [Computerinsel] (Windows, macOS) - Image processing for Windows and macOS, supports JPEG 9
  5. GraphicConverter [Lemke Software GmbH] (macOS) - Universal Genius for photo editing on the Mac, supports JPEG 9
  6. SquarePusher [MetaLands Projects] (macOS) - A less-lossy JPEG image editor, supports JPEG 9
  7. Picture Information Extractor [Picmeta Systems] (Windows) - Tool for digital cameras, supports JPEG 9
  8. Jpegcoll [Kame] (Windows) - Tool to minimize generation loss when retouching JPEG images, supports JPEG 9
  9. StudioLine Photo [H&M Software] (Windows 8.1+) - Image Editing, Archival and Presentation, supports JPEG 9
  10. JPG Spinner [Hadden Industries] (Windows 8.1+) - Automatically corrects the rotation of your photos, supports JPEG 9
  11. GreyPEG [MetaLands Projects] (macOS) - A batch JPEG desaturation tool, supports JPEG 8-1/2
  12. IrfanView [Irfan Skiljan] (Windows) - Popular graphic viewer, supports JPEG 7
  13. ACDSee Photo Studio [ACD Systems] (Windows, macOS) - Digital Asset Management, Photo Editing, supports JPEG 7
  14. Better JPEG [Better JPEG Team] (Windows) - Lossless rotation, crop, and editing tool, supports JPEG 7
  15. JPegger [Vallen Systeme GmbH] (Windows) - Digital image viewer, supports JPEG 7
  16. JPEG Cropper -retouch w/o loss [Kame] (Android) - Lossless crop, rotate and flip
  17. AJT - Jpegtran for Android [Kame] (Android) - Light UI over the jpegtran command line interface
  18. ExifPro Image Viewer [Michal Kowalski] (Windows) - Digital camera photo viewer, includes Exif patch
  19. BreezeBrowser Pro [Breeze Systems Limited] (Windows) - Tool for viewing and manipulating digital images, includes Exif patch
  20. DigiAlbum [Bernhard Baier] (Windows) - Digital photo album, includes Exif patch
  21. Cam4you [Hans-David Alkenius] (Windows) - Canon digital camera utilities, includes Exif patch
  22. GetCanon! [David Vidmar] (Windows) - Image downloader for Canon digital cameras, includes Exif patch
  23. Jasc After Shot [Jasc Software Inc.] (Windows) - Digital imaging application, includes Exif patch
  24. Thumber [TawbaWare] (Windows) - Digital camera image management software, supports Exif patch
  25. PhotoThumb [Jarle Aasland] (Windows) - Digital image manager, includes Exif patch
  26. PMView Pro [Peter Nielsen] (Windows, OS/2) - A Versatile and Fast Image Viewer and Converter, includes Exif patch and automatic Exif orientation correction!
  27. FixFoto [Joachim Koopmann] (Windows) - Image editing for digital photography, includes Exif patch
  28. JPEGCrops [Toke Eskildsen] (Windows) - jpegtran Frontend for comfortable lossless cropping and rotation, supports Exif patch
  29. Dreher [Martin Schulze] (Windows) - jpegtran Frontend for comfortable lossless rotation, supports Exif patch
  30. ljcrop [Marshall Perrin] (Unix) - jpegtran Frontend for comfortable lossless cropping, supports Exif patch
  31. imgSeek [Ricardo Niederberger Cabral] (GNU/Linux, Windows) - Photo collection manager and viewer, supports Exif patch
  32. Photo Studio [John Hawkins] (Windows) - Multi-purpose image management tool, includes Exif patch
  33. IMatch [photools.com] (Windows) - Digital image management application, includes Exif patch
  34. exifiron [Marko Mäkelä] (Windows, Macintosh, C/POSIX) - Orientation correction and optimization of EXIF JPEG images, includes Exif patch
  35. FastStone Image Viewer [FastStone Soft] (Windows) - An image browser, converter and editor, includes Exif patch and automatic Exif orientation correction!
  36. FreeVimager [Contaware.com] (Windows) - Free & Fast Image Viewer and Editor for Windows, includes Exif patch
  37. JPEG Lossless Rotator [AnnyStudio.com Software] (Windows) - Comfortable lossless rotation utility, includes Exif patch and automatic Exif orientation correction!
  38. flickfleck [Jyke Jokinen] (Windows, Unix) - Photo transfer utility, supports Exif patch and automatic Exif orientation correction!
  39. cam2pc [nabocorp softwares] (Windows) - An Image Downloader and more, includes Exif patch
  40. Picasa [Google, Inc.] (Windows) - Photo organizer, includes Exif patch
  41. DW:Rotate [Photographer Solutions] (Windows) - Fast and easy lossless rotation of JPEG images, includes automatic Exif orientation correction!
  42. PixVue [PixVue] (Windows) - Digital camera image management tool, includes Exif patch
  43. IxPictures [Reimar Grasbon] (Windows) - Transfer photos from your Canon-DigiCam to your computer, includes Exif patch
  44. FotoView [Martin Pola] (Windows) - jpegtran Frontend for comfortable lossless cropping and rotation, supports Exif patch
  45. Exifer [Friedemann Schmidt] (Windows) - Free JPEG Exif management software, includes Exif patch
  46. Rota [TsuruZoh Tachibanaya] (Windows) - Lossless rotation utility, includes Exif patch
  47. ABC-View Manager [ABC-View Software] (Windows) - Flexible file manager and fast image viewer, includes Exif patch and automatic Exif orientation correction!
  48. imageN [Pawel Szczerbina] (Windows) - Digital imaging software
  49. Cameraid [Juri Munkki] (Macintosh) - Digital photography utility package
  50. GraphicConverter [Lemke Software] (Macintosh) - Shareware graphic converter
  51. ThumbsPlus [Cerious Software] (Windows) - Graphic management software
  52. Qimage [Digital Domain Inc.] (Windows) - Image viewing and printing software
  53. Diji Album [Xequte Software] (Windows) - Digital photo album software
  54. CompuPic [Photodex Corporation - What Happened] (Windows) - Digital content manager
  55. FotoAlbum [FotoTime] (Windows) - Organizing and sharing digital pictures
  56. MyAlbum [Pierre Meindre] (Windows) - Image cataloger and slideshow
  57. Image Preview [Microsoft Corporation] (Windows ME, XP, GDI+) - Embedded image component
  58. Photo Studio for Canon [Scott Murray] (Windows) - Scott Professional Photo Studio for Canon cameras
  59. Shutterfly [Shutterfly, Inc.] (Windows, Macintosh) - Online photo album uploader software
  60. MediaChest [Dmitriy Rogatkin] (Java) - Media file organizer
  61. FishEye [Willem van Schaik] (Windows) - Digital image viewer
  62. PhotoPhilia [Pholix Software] (Windows) - Image management software
  63. MaPiVi [Martin Herrmann] (Linux, Unix/X11, Macintosh, Windows, Perl/Tk) - Martin's Picture Viewer and Organizer
  64. Easy Thumbnails [Fookes Software] (Windows) - Freeware utility for creating thumbnail images
  65. XnView [Pierre-e Gougelet] (Windows, Linux, Unix/X11) - Multimedia viewer, browser, and converter
  66. CodedColor [1STEIN GmbH] (Windows) - Photo viewer, image editing and archiving software
  67. GTK Photo Gallery [Jens Wilke] (Unix) - Manage photograph collections and order prints online
  68. PhotoMan [Keith Sheppard] (Windows) - Digital photo organizing application
  69. Gwenview [Aurelien Gateau] (Linux/KDE) - Fast and easy to use image viewer for KDE
  70. gThumb [Paolo Bacchilega] (Linux/GNOME) - Image viewer and browser for the GNOME Desktop
  71. pixafe [pixafe GbR] (Windows) - Relational database with lots of imaging functions
  72. Eye of Gnome (eog) [The GNOME Project] (Linux/GNOME) - Standard picture viewer in the GNOME Desktop
  73. RealWorld Photos [RealWorld Graphics] (Windows) - Image editor; retouch a JPEG image without losing quality
  74. CropGUI [Jeff Epler] (GNU/Linux/Gtk) - A Linux GUI for Lossless JPEG Cropping
  75. PhotoSurfer [One-Clickers Inc.] (Windows) - Photo Viewer, Organizer and editor. Designed for Families with a digital camera
  76. The JPEG Reducer [Volker Schweiger] (Windows) - Reduce the size of JPEG files without loss of quality
  77. ExifCleaner [SuperUtils.com Software] (Windows) - Remove Exif Tags from JPEG files without loss of quality
  78. Photoorganizer [Hans van der Hoeven] (Windows) - Organize your photos and edit metadata
  79. JAMBULA [Suresh Mahalingam] (Java) - Imprint comment/date/time stamp on JPEG files without loss of quality
  80. Image Resizer [SEM] (Windows) - JPEG and EXIF viewing and editing software
  81. ImageBuddy [KepMad Systems] (Macintosh) - Digital image printing software
  82. EyeBatch [Atalasoft] (Windows) - Batch image processing software
  83. Ulead Photo Explorer [Ulead Systems] (Windows) - Digital photography software
  84. jpeg explorer [Jurij Mirtov] (Windows) - Digital camera JPEG file explorer
  85. JPEGbox [Michael Lee] (Windows) - Drag and drop simplicity for easy access to a dozen lossless tools
  86. Photo Viewer [PhotoParade] (Windows, Macintosh) - Digital photo viewing and managing
  87. Prince Digital [Erithacus Software] (Windows) - Digital image printing utility
  88. iView MediaPro [iView Multimedia Ltd.] (Macintosh) - Multimedia management software
  89. My Photo Gallery [fuzzymonkey.org] (CGI/Perl) - Online album
  90. Firegraphic XP [Firegraphic.com] (Windows) - Image management software
  91. PolyView [Polybytes Software] (Windows) - Image viewer, conversion, and printing utility
  92. jpegtranGUI [Robert Williams] (Amiga) - jpegtran Graphical User Interface
  93. PhotoTip [DurSoft Development] (Atari) - Digital photo graphics program
  94. NikonView [NikonTechUSA] (Windows) - Nikon digital camera accessory software (dubious!)
It was reported that the JPEG Wizard software from Accusoft Corporation is missing from the list.
Well, reason is that they don't seem to disclose the source (origin) of their algorithms, especially relation to the Independent JPEG Group.
Here is an extra entry for them anyway: Please send comments and additions to: guido at jpegclub period org
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