IJG Services

The Independent JPEG Group offers the following services:

  • Consultation to all topics referring to libjpeg
  • Integration of libjpeg into applications, technical systems and projects
  • Customization of libjpeg for special requrements (e.g. perfomance optimization for specific platforms)

More specifically, we can propose the following opportunities of performance optimization and other extensions:

  • Optimal integration and customization for application projects
  • Selective performance boost for the lossless compression
  • Performance optimization by usage of platform dependent processor instruction set extensions especially in the area of DCT functions for encoding and decoding
  • Performance optimization for arithmetic coding with platform specific programming
  • Coding with higher bit depths („HDR“ – High Dynamic Range)
  • Application for moving pictures (Motion-JPEG) with corresponding adaptions and optimizations

In the long run the development goes in direction of an option for the direct coding in the original “radiance” domain instead of the usual output-referred (perceptual) domain.
Only such option will enable true “HDR” (High Dynamic Range) and “AR” (Augmented Reality) applications.
The direct “radiance” representation in the core of the codec is the logical progression of development in image coding.
The inner structure of the original (reference) JPEG procedure already provides the necessary prerequisites, though there remains considerable development effort for the actual implementation.

If you are interested in these or similar IJG Services, please let us know.

You find more information about advanced JPEG features in the following Document (PDF):  Advanced_JPEG_Features_and_Services