JPEG 25th anniversary conference

Conference title: “JPEG – continuity and innovation”

The most popular standard of still image coding in computer-graphics, JPEG, celebrates its 25th anniversary in this year. The Independent JPEG Group, the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, and the Institute for Applied Informatics (InfAI) of the University of Leipzig are inviting you to a conference, held in honour of this anniversary on October 7th 2016. Proposals for contributions are invited. The planned session topics are:

  • JPEG – technical topics, programming, architecture, features
  • JPEG – application in industry and software production
  • JPEG – history: continuity and innovation


Program and time schedule of the conference

The Independent JPEG Group (IJG) is responsible for the reference implementation of the original JPEG standard. The first version was released on October 7th 1991. The reference software from the Independent JPEG Group was a key to the success of the original JPEG standard and has found widespread adoption in applications of image coding. The Independent JPEG Group (IJG) is located at and supported by the Institute for Applied Informatics (InfAI) of the University Leipzig.

We have already acceptance from prominent participants and we look forward to see you in Leipzig!


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