Participants (Selection)

Selection of Conference Participants, some of them will also give contributions:

  • Istvan Sebestyen, Dr.,¬†Secretary General of ECMA International (Geneva, Switzerland)
  • Guido Vollbeding, Organizer of the Independent JPEG Group, developer of libjpeg
  • Ulf-Dietrich Braumann, Prof. Dr.-Ing., specialist for biotronic systems and microscopic image processing
  • Mario Hlawitschka, Prof. Dr. rer. nat., specialist for computer graphics and procedural Imaging
  • Michael Stepping, Prof. Dr.-Ing., specialist for video applications and mobile computing
  • Georg von Nessler, CEO IP-ShareMedia, Specialist for semantic search and monitoring solutions
  • Hans-Gert Gr√§be, Prof. Dr., Specialist for computer algebra and software engineering

One of the highlights will be an eyewitness account of early JPEG development given by a member of the original Joint Photographic Experts Group.

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