Worldwide popular image file format JPEG celebrates 25th anniversary

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Leipzig IT specialists provide new software library „libjpeg 9.2“

 LEIPZIG, January 18 2016 – The Independent JPEG Group (IJG) at the Leipzig Institute for Applied Informatics (InfAI, has released an update of the software library „libjpeg“ in the anniversary year of the image file format JPEG. The new version 9.2 features primarily further enhancements of reference quality and performance, in particular for the last added functions like support of extended standard color spaces with wide gamut. The JPEG 9.2 software library is immediately available for professional users to perform extensive image processing tasks.

The first version of the software package was introduced 25 years ago in 1991, together with the introduction of the JPEG standard. In 2005 the leadership of development changed over to the experts at Leipzig InfAI, who discovered the potential of the original technology, realize it as reference software in the IJG framework, and continuously develop it further. The software library „libjpeg” ( is since then used in countless applications as basis for the processing of images in JPEG format. During advancement it is ensured that existing JPEG image files can still be processed with current and future versions, so that the sustainability of the original JPEG format will be retained.

Anniversary release with extensive functions

JPEG 9.2 is one of the most stable versions, due to the longtime development. Essentially the new „libjpeg” provides enhancements in reference quality and performance. Likewise, all JPEG 9.1 reference functions were refreshed in the course of the update (e.g. support of color spaces with wide gamut, improvements of data processing in the core region of the codec). Version 9.1 was published in January 2014 and is the first “True Source Reference JPEG Codec”. All available functions and parameters are clearly manifested as reference in the library. Among the reference applications are the popular file manager Directory Opus as well as the full featured image editor PhotoLine and the photo explorer cPicture, which cover important application areas. The recent JPEG version is also included in Windows Office for Android and in Windows Phone, further applications will follow.

The following functions are available with the new version of the “Independent JPEG Group” software “libjpeg” for integration in application programs:

  • lossless re-compression of existing JPEG image files by arithmetic coding
  • lossless compression of image files
  • lossless rescaling of existing JPEG image files and other lossless transformation functions (crop, rotate, etc.)
  • scaled encoding and decoding
  • wide gamut color spaces, to support various and future capture devices and output media
  • extended range of supported bit depths


Future HDR

The new version JPEG/libjpeg 9.2 developed at InfAI thus completes a set of format and function extensions which were introduced step by step in previous years. Newly added functions are improved compression by arithmetic entropy coding, flexible scaling options with versatile usability („SmartScale“), and options for true lossless compression. The particular development model has extremely high requirements for quality and stability, and a release cycle of two to three years is currently expected.

Further extensions are designed for future versions, in particular to enable the support of applications in the area of High Dynamic Range (HDR) image processing, as well as Augmented Reality.

 IT competence from Leipzig

 The JPEG format celebrates its 25th anniversary in this year. In this course the IJG plans to launch a technical advisory council to strengthen the communication and realize further developments. Within the scope of the anniversary it is also planned to conduct events in Leipzig, the residence of the IT experts, to serve as a platform for the exchange of knowledge, perspectives, and visions. Particularly projected are colloquia and discussion forums with industrial adopters and representatives from research and development.


About InfAI:

The Institute for Applied Informatics e. V. is a non-profit organization supporting science and research as an associated institute of the University Leipzig on the areas of Informatics und Business Informatics. Currently 80 staff members conduct research there. The Independent JPEG Group ( is located at InfAI and benefits from its know-how. The InfAI features an excellent network and has realized numerous research and industry projects since its formation in 2006.


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