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Press Release Leipzig, October 14th 2022 – One year ago, in October 2021, the Independent JPEG Group celebrated the 30th anniversary of the most successful electronic image format JPEG. Now we are preparing for the 30th anniversary of the most common Integrated Development Environments (IDE) for Graphical User Interface (GUI) Application Software: Microsoft Visual Studio/Microsoft Visual C++ (MSVC) and Embarcadero RAD Studio (Rapid Application Development)/C++Builder/Delphi. Both were first released in

JPEG 30th anniversary

On October 07th 1991 the first version of libjpeg, the code library responsible for the success of the JPEG format, was released. What follows is a success story that appears to be unparalleled. The format was supported by more and more applications. A large boost for the spread of JPEG was obtained by the emergence of the World Wide Web: it was presentable in almost all browsers. At present billions

New Version of libjpeg (Ver. 9d) of Independent JPEG Group available now

The new release of libjpeg, the reference library for decoding and encoding JPEG images, has been published in version 9d and is available as of now. The new library contains many changes to optimize JPEG-rendering and to increase the stability of the process. Minor new features have been added, while the focus of most developers and users is on reliability of the application. Libjpeg can be used as it is

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In January 2018 the Independent JPEG Group released a new version 9c of libjpeg. This version contains numerous improvements in security, performance and stability. Few days after the release a first application (cpicture.thecloudsite.net) included the new library into its new version. Other companies announced the use of the library for the next release, e.g. PhotoLine, Directory Opus or StudioLine Photo. Libjpeg developer Guido Vollbeding: “It is recommended that application developers

Vollbeding presents to GI

Guido Vollbeding was invited to give a presentation on libjpeg reference software at a conference of the German Informatics Society (Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. (GI)) at June 19th 2017 in Leipzig. The topic of the session was “long lasting software projects”. Celebrating its 25th birthday, libjpeg is indeed a long lasting software project. The majority of the audience were professors of computer science. Vollbeding explained basic features of libjpeg architecture

JPEG compression with Guezli: Thank you Google, but there is more!

Google recently released an image encoder that is able to compress JPEG images 20-30% better than libjpeg without compromising on the visual quality. Very good. You can use it on every platform (Linux, Windows, MacOS) to compress your images. Though needing many resources the result seems to be almost unrivalled compared to what other systems do. So far so good. It would be worthwile to add that this software as

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Conference at the University of Leipzig to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the constitution of JPEG LEIPZIG, September 29 2016 – The 07th October 2016 is precise to the day the 25th „technical“ birthday of the worldwide most popular electronic image format JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group). On this day the Independent JPEG Group (IJG) at the Institute for Applied Informatics (InfAI, www.infai.org) together with the Faculty of Mathematics and

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Leipzig IT specialists provide new software library „libjpeg 9.2“  LEIPZIG, January 18 2016 – The Independent JPEG Group (IJG) at the Leipzig Institute for Applied Informatics (InfAI, www.infai.org) has released an update of the software library „libjpeg“ in the anniversary year of the image file format JPEG. The new version 9.2 features primarily further enhancements of reference quality and performance, in particular for the last added functions like support of

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LEIPZIG, January 20 2014 – The Independent JPEG Group (IJG) at the Leipzig Institute for Applied Informatics (InfAI, www.infai.org) has released an update of the software library „libjpeg“. In the course of continuous development, the upgrade to the new version 9.1 supports for the first time extended color spaces with wide gamut and higher depths. End users and professional operators thus benefit from more demanding application processes, for example in

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LEIPZIG, January 13 2013 – The Independent JPEG Group (IJG) at the Leipzig Institute for Applied Informatics (InfAI, http://www.infai.org) has released the new version of the software library „libjpeg“. This software library is the basis for the processing of images in the ubiquitous JPEG format and is used worldwide in a countless number of applications of software vendors and in the photographic industry under a fee-free license with open source